Back to Playing the Classical Guitar

Trying to remember when I stopped playing the classical guitar seriously…

Let’s see.. My latest appearance on stage was 1993 and I had been playing for three years at that time.. It was a joint concert and I played two Leo Brouwer pieces..

After that concert I started to play less and less (it is not Brouwer’s fault) due to change of focus (to singing mostly), back and wrist pain, and extreme laziness 🙂

Then I tried to play maybe once in a year or so as the instrument was around.. Really I did not have the right motivation..

Last May I grabbed it again, when I was really in bad mood and started improvising.. Sounded really bad with slow fingers, bad nails and very (2-3 year) old strings…

At that very time I realized that I really needed to do something for myself.. Just myself.. That was it..

Just after started the exercises and so, I had a very serious backpain problem.. Even during the healing process, I kept playing which has proven that I will be continuing with this..

I have also discovered that I did not want to appear in concerts on so.. Yes, I like the stage.. but this is something for myself, so I’ll keep it to myself for now…

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Hello world!

Oh boy! I had ignored my blog for soooo long time and it was hosed due to numerous upgrades of MySQL DBs and WordPress scripts.. It is time to start over.. from scratch 🙂

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