Did Not Like – Luthier Classical / Flamenco Guitar Strings – Popular Supreme Set 20 Medium Tension

I had gotten a Popular Supreme Set 20 from Luthier  via an out-of-town dealer to explore alternatives. The Luthier brand has always been endorsed by Paco de Lucia (and that was a big clue about what to expect).

First impression: The trebles are too dull, and sounded too weak… Basses were better but sounded a bit weak too. Furthermore, I had serious problems getting the strings tuned..

In time, (as with almost every string set) the bass strings lost brightness.. Also all strings were going out of tune quite fast and I needed to tune almost every 100 times a day..

After I realized that these strings are not really for classical music (baroque and renaissance pieces were *awful*, and Spanish pieces were braely bearable), I started to explore Flamenco sound..

Not being a Flamenco guitarist, I tried to play scales (with a lot of apoyando instead of tirando) and chords sounding like Flamenco and it became apparent to me that those strings are really for Framenco only.. Not my thing :-)

I replaced this set just after a week – could not stand more…

Immediately this set made the last entry of my preference list:

  1. Savarez 540 R
  2. D’Addario Pro Arte EJ46 – Hard Tension
  3. D’Addario Classic Nylon EJ27N
  4. Luthier (Classical/Flamenco) Popular Supreme Set 20


Next I will be trying .D’Addario EXP45 Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings and I have a lot of hope there.

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