Why Should You Have a Twitter Avatar?

When you first register your Twitter account, you are assigned a default avatar. That is a  PNG format image with an unhatched egg  as you can see below:

So what does this image mean? Literally it is an unhatched egg. An immature bird. I assume nobody wants to give that impressions constantly :)

Now… What does that “default avatar” mean in twitterverse. If you leave your avatar as the default (and NULL) possible meanings are:

  • You do not take Twitter seriously
  • You are just lazy
  • You are a spammer
  • You are nobody
  • You are so unsocial that you cannot have a friend with a camera to take your photo
  • You are unsocial and do not have a camera
  • You are unsocial and do not know auto-shutter function of your camera
  • You are a company / group that does not have a logo
  • etc.

Best Practices for a Twitter Avatar
On Twitter (and in social networking) people would like to see yourself. Nobody likes to communicate and share things with stylistic images, cartoon characters or so.. Some ideas:

  • Put your own photo that reveals your own face (preferably professionally taken) showing how a nice person you are…

  • Use a plain background and a high quality picture. Do not let other details shadow your face…

  • You may use a a full body or a bust portrait picture, but make sure that it shows “who” you are.

  • You can also have a stylistic representation of yourself (if you are a designer or have a designer to draw one for you), you can use it as soon as it really represents you uniquely.

  • Avoid webcam shots.. They are low quality and blurred.

So, what if you are not a single person. Some ideas below:

  • For a couple, use a picture together

  • For a brand/company/group/team, use the logo

  • For a “robot”, use the picture of your “robot” 😉

  • For a pet or plant, use a picture of it


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